Turf Talk - The Hood Colabilation CD

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Manufacturer: Turf Talk
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Turf Talk Brings You: The Hood Colabilation CD
2005 30.30 Records/Sick Wid It Records

16 Tracks Featuring:
E-40, Mugzi, Kaveo, D-Shot, A-Wax, Young Dru, Laroo, Celly Cel, Undaflow, Goldie Gold, PSD, Trenches, Phenom of the Kabinet, Ya Boy, Droop-E, Trenches, Young Hyphy, Doonie Baby, Stres of The Federation, Hot of the DB'z, The Factors, B-Slimm of the Kabinet, Poppi Cas, A2thaK & J-Minix

1. We In The Streets (Feat. Undaflow, Goldie Gold from Kin Smoke & PSD)
2. Hustle Wit My Nine (Feat. Trenches & Phenom of The Kabinet)
3. Dope Man (Feat. E-40 & Ya Boy)
4. Don't Get 2 Pieced (Feat. Mugzi & Kaveo of The Mossie)
5. Turf Talk Iz Back (Feat. D-Shot & E-40)
6. King Of Rock
7. Throw It In They Face Turf (Feat. Droop-E)
8. Stupid (Feat. Trenches, Phenom & Young Hyphy)
9. Pills And Weed (Feat. Doonie Baby & Stres of The Federation)
10. Real Hood (Feat. Hot of The DB'z)
11. Down The Block (Feat. The Factors)
12. Kabinet Gang (Feat. Droop-E & B-Slimm of The Kabinet)
13. We On Fire (Feat. A-Wax & Young Dru)
14. Monday To Friday (Feat. Laroo Tha Hard Hitta, Poppi Cas & A2thaK)
15. Trust Nobody (Feat. J-Minix)
16. Thug For Me (Feat. Celly Cel & Mugzi)