Woodie Presents - Northern Expozure 6 CD

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Manufacturer: Woodie / ECCR
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Woodie Presents: Northern Expozure Volume 6 CD
2005 East Co. Co. Records

21 Tracks Featuring:
Woodie, A-Wax, B-Dawg, Lil Dee, Lou-E-Lou, Sleepy Santino, YG, Mike Marshall, Shadow, Big Tone, Davina, Young A.Z., Solitary 1, B-Dub, Lil Wedo, Young Fatz, Unlawful, Mr. Psycho & Lil Los

1. Talk 2 My Nine (Woodie, A-Wax, B-Dawg & Lil Dee)
2. Goodnight (B-Dawg, Woodie & Lou-E-Lou)
3. Sharkz-N-The Water (B-Dawg)
4. Me (A-Wax)
5. Ghetto Smilez, Ghetto Tearz (Sleepy Santino, YG & Mike Marshall)
6. Bring The World To It's Kneez (Woodie, Lil Dee & B-Dawg)
7. Against All Odds (Shadow)
8. One Way Road (Big Tone, Woodie & Davina)
9. Make It Happen (Woodie, B-Dawg, Lil Dee & Young A.Z.)
10. On The Run (Solitary 1 & B-Dub)
11. On The Edge (Woodie)
12. Look Death In The Face (B-Dub of CIN)
14. No Punkz (Woodie, Lou-E-Lou & Shadow)
15. Raized-N-To It (Lil Woodie, Lil Wedo, Young Fatz, Lil Dee & Woodie)
16. My Life On The Line (Lil Dee & Woodie)
17. Yay Filthy (Lou-E-Lou)
18. Bury My On East 18th Street (Woodie, Lou-E-Lou & Lil Dee)
19. Behind Bars (Unlawful)
20. Committed (Mr. Psycho, Lil Dee & Woodie)
21. -N-Visionz Of My Hate (Lil Los) (Bonus Throwback Track Recorded In 1998)