World is a Ghetto: Ghettoline Productions CD Various

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Ghettoline Productions Presents: The World Is A Ghetto CD
2002 Ghettoline Productions

17 Tracks Featuring:
Cougnut, Cellski, Goodfelonz, Chilee Powdah, Soldiers Of Fortune, Sidewayz, Duke Shiesty, Smoke ED, Gangsta Vago, Rappin 4-Tay, Baldhead Rick & Esbee (UNLV), 10sion, Mr. Kee, Mousie, Louie Loc, G-Boogie, Lost Souls, Don-P, Stizon Skrilla, Mr. Droop, Submarine Funk, Mr. Sirate, CB of UNLV, John Doe, Blaze, DJ, Eli, Hades, Seanissy, Remedy, IRS, Jeff Aledo, Koz-Tee, Jay Macks of SBC DJs & Dimentional Ridaz

1. Twist'em (Rappin 4-Tay, Cougnut, Don-P & Gangsta Vago)
2. Speak On It (Stizon Skrilla & Mr. Droop)
3. Bloodlines (Submarine Funk, Mr. Sirate, G-Boogie, CB & Esbee)
4. In The Streets (Cellski, Baldhead Rick & 10sion)
5. Game Intact (John "Dirt" Doe)
6. Weekends (Mr. Kee & Blaze)
7. Send 1 (Mousie)
8. It's Nothin (DJ)
9. The World Is A Ghetto (Louie Loc, Eli & Mr. Kee)
10. Inner City (Lost Souls)
11. Be Like Us (Hades)
12. Pimp Juice (John Dirt & Seanissy)
1X. Run (Chilee Powdah & Remedy)
14. Song 56 (IRS)
15. Heavy Artillery (Soldiers Of Fortune, Sidewayz, Duke Shiesty & Smoke E.D.)
16. Don't Hate Me (Jeff Aledo, Koz-Tee & Jay Macks)
17. Eko (Dimentional Ridaz)