Rompalation - Best Of Vol. 1 CD/DVD Special Edition

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Manufacturer: Mac Dre
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The Rompalation - Best Of Vol. 1
Compilation CD/DVD
2006 Cavvy-R-Records / H-Squad Entertainment

17 Tracks featuring:
Da Unda Dogg, Dubee, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, PSD, Jay Tee, Sleep Dank, City Side Crew, J-Diggs, Fully Loaded, JT The Bigga Figga, Dame, Mondo Manage, Young Dru, Trigger Tree, The Looie Crew, Vellqwan, Boss Hogg, Mrs Shorty. Plus All New Tracks Featuring: Da Unda Dogg, Young Meez, Smigg Dirtee, R-Beta & Macnificent, I-Rocc, Mac Dre and Da Misses. Mixed By Daric-B

Disc 1: CD

1. What We Do (Da Unda Dogg, Dubee, Mac Mall, Mac Dre & PSD)
2. Howda (Jay Tee)
3. This Lifetime (Da Unda Dogg, Sleep Dank, City Side Crew & J-Diggs)
4. Playa To Playa (Da Unda Dogg, Mac Mall & Mac Dre)
5. Hitz We Make (Fully Loaded)
6. Gumbo (Mac Dre, Da Unda Dogg, JT The Bigga Figga & Dame)
7. It Gets Thick (Mondo Manage, Young Dru & Trigger Tree)
8. Uninvited (The Looie Crew & Mac Dre)
9. Crestside Funk (Da Unda Dogg)
10. Ain't A Pimp (Da Unda Dogg, Vellqwan, Dubee, J-Diggs & Boss Hawg)
11. Do What We Believe (Stevie Dee & Richie Rich)
12. Where We Dwell (Da Unda Dogg, Mac Dre & Jay Tee)
13. Lets Looie (The Looie Crew & Mrs. Shorty-B)

All New Tracks:
14. Ain't Where U From (Da Unda Dogg & Young Meez)
15. City 2 City (Smigg Dirtee)
16. I Don't (R-Beta, Macnificent, I-Rocc & Mac Dre)
17. U Wanna Do (Da Misses)

Disc 2: DVD

Da Unda Dogg's "Hustle Don't Stop" Music Video