Yukmouth DragonFly Dime Piece Disposable Vape Pen

Price: $9.99
Product ID : 315409
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Yukmouth DragonFly Dime Piece Vape: (gold disposable vape in tube)

Designed by Yukmouth of the Luniz!!

This newest edition of Dime Piece is dripping in gold with Yuk's Dragon logo highlighted in red, the pictures don't do it justice!! The Dime Piece is a unique disposable vaporizer pen, that lasts for 500-700 hits/ 3-5 weeks (depending on how hard and often you hit/ inhale on the pen) The discreet design and simplicity of use has made it a top seller! No buttons, just take the mouth piece off, fill up the concentrate cup and put the mouth piece back on! That's it! Inhale on the Dime Piece and you are good to go! 

Comes in simply plastic carrying case with dab tool included with every pen!