Yukmouth's Regime - All Out War Vol. 3 Mix CD

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Yukmouth Presents: The Regime: All Out War Vol. 3 CD
2006 Godzilla / Smoke-A-Lot Entertainment

2 CDs, 37 Tracks Featuring:
Yukmouth, Hagi Springer, 2Pac, The Realest, Dru Down, Gonzoe, Scarface, Beanie Sigel, The Game, Domination, Silverback Guerillaz, Bo-Roc, Kenny Kingpen, Young Dru, Amp-Pacino, Young Bossi, Monsta Ganjah, Linno Da Winno, K.P., Pretty Black, Bart aka BA, Mike Dee, Ms. Story, Bang Em Smurf, Bleu Davinci, J-Diggs, Lady Ice & Gutta Gutta

Disc 1:
1. Intro (Hagi Springer & Yukmouth)
2. What You Know About Gatz (Yukmouth, Tha Realest & Dru Down)
3. Animal (Yukmouth)
4. I'll Never Snitch (Gonzoe, Yukmouth, Scarface, Beanie Sigel & The Game)
5. Trapp Nigga (Gonzoe, Yukmouth & Tha Realest)
6. Fuck Yayo (Domination & Silverback Guerillaz)
7. Get Doe (Bo-Roc, Kenny Kingpen, Yukmouth & Gonzoe)
8. Firing Squad (Yukmouth & Young Dru)
9. Block Starr (Yukmouth, Amp Pacino & Young Bossi)
10. Tha M.O.B. (Yukmouth, Tha Realest, Monsta Ganjah & Kenny Kingpen)
11. Linno News Report (Linno Da Winno)
12. Alnight (Yukmouth, Pretty Black & Dru Down)
13. You Already Know (Mike Dee, Monsta Ganjah, Tha Realest & Yukmouth)
14. The Machine (Young Bossi & Amp Pacino)
15. My Life (Yukmouth, Dru Down, Pretty Black & Ms. Story)
16. Itsy-Bitsy Spider (Bang Em Smurf, Domination & Silverback Guerillaz)
17. Regime 4 Life (Yukmouth, Tha Realest & Pretty Black)
18. P.O.W. Outro (Yukmouth)

Disc 2:
1. Intro: Regime Roll Call (Yukmouth)
2. Get Wild (Gonzoe, Yukmouth & Tha Realest)
3. Beef 3 (Monsta Ganjah & Yukmouth)
4. Shot Down (Yukmouth, Gonzoe & Tha Realest)
5. They Ain't Commin' Back (Domination, Bang Em Smurf & Silverback Guerillaz)
6. We Eatin' (Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Tha Realest & Linno Da Winno)
7. Crazy At Times (Tha Realest, Bleu Davinci & J-Diggs)
8. Blow The Whissle (Linno Da Winno & K.P.)
9. It's Pimpin' (Dru Down, Lady-Ice & Yukmouth)
10. Yada-Whut What (Young Dru, Monsta Ganja, Pretty Black & Dru Down)
11. Cock Your Gun (Gonzoe & 2Pac)
12. Free Angents Skit (Yukmouth)
13. Get Ya Money Right (Monsta Ganjah, Yukmouth & Tha Realest)
14. Catpiss (Amp Pacino, Bart aka BA & Young Bossi)
15. What Happens (Mike Dee, Gutta Gutta, Yukmouth & Kenny Kingpen)
16. Boy Boi (Monsta Ganjah, Gonzoe, Tha Realest & Yukmouth)
17. Yukmouth Skit (Yukmouth)
18. Playa Hater (Yukmouth & Monsta Ganjah)
19. Outro: End Of War!