Czarface - Czarface Meets Ghostface CD

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Czarface - Czarface Meets Ghostface CD

2019 release. Fresh off 2018's collaborative LP with the enigmatic MF Doom, Czarface meets Metal Face, the adventure continues as Czarface now faces off with Wu-Tang Clan s Ghostface Killah. "Czarface meets Ghostface brings strictly mind melting beats and bars as three emcees clash like villains and heroes in the Savage Land. Czarface, a hip-hop and comics force comprised of Wu-Tang Clan General Inspectah Deck, Esoteric and super producer 7L team up with Ghostface AKA Iron-Man AKA Tony Starks for murderous mayhem! Czar commando's Rebel INS and Esoteric trade lines such as "follow in my footsteps might tear your Achilles," and "flow customized got that Dapper Dan touch" with Ghost on the assist "chain is off the cooler, charm look like a shrunken head". With track titles like "The King Heard Voices", "Mongolian Beef", "Czarrcade '87", "Masked Superstars" and "Powers and Stuff" expect nothing short of a super charged collaboration!

  • 1 Back at Ringside
  • 2 Face Off
  • 3 Iron Claw
  • 4 Czarrcade '87
  • 5 Powers and Stuff
  • 6 Masked Superstars
  • 7 Morning Ritual (Feat. Kendra Morris)
  • 8 Super Soldier Serum
  • 9 The King Heard Voices (Feat. Kendra Morris)
  • 10 Listen to the Color
  • 11 Mongolian Beef
  • 12 (Post Credits Scene)