Lil Aj - Lash Money 3 CD

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Product ID : 827577497466
Manufacturer: Lil Aj
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Lil Aj - Lash Money 3 CD


1. Going In
2. 5 To the 9 feat Rondae 9000
3. Just Another Da feat Ki, Philthy Rich & Lil Blood
4. Up The Score feat Masoe & J Stalin
5. Plotting On A Scheme feat Lil Frost, Band Gang Lonnie
6. I Been Stacking feat Shred Gang Mone, Band Gang Lonnie
7. Pussy Nigga feat J Hollow, Lil Blood & Lil Frost
8. Trappin
9. Baby Iraq feat TD, Lil Ed, Risktake, Lil Frost
10. Ride For The Code feat Shred Gang Mone, J Hallow
11. Live Your Life feat Fed Ex
12. No Discussion feat Lil Frost & Fed Ex