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  • Pittsburg No H Compilation CD
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KnockSmith & 1 World Magazines present PITTSBURG NO "H" COMPILATION. Finding talent literally from all corner of the city, it wasn't hard to fill up a disc with such creative and diverse,  quality music as we built this compilation. Focusing on one City make's this project a success because everyone who made the album, gave us their best! Now that KnockSmith & 1 World Magazines put their stamp on this, it's sure to reach audiences everywhere, especially where Bay Area music appriciatded. Each CD comes with a Collectible Poster of the Artists involved on the album. PITTSBURG NO "H" COMPILATION Limited Collector's Edition Compilation, currently only available in its physical form, as a digipack with a stuffed poster


1. INTRO  Prod. by ray beez
2. Tonight  Sly Payso feat. King bailey  Prod. by King Bailey
3. Beyond  Ricky Mena   Prod. by ray beez
4. All I Know  B. Killed feat. Mars  Prod. by Rome Slapadelic
5. Just Music (Blaze and Half  Prod. by Blinks
6. late Night  B. Eazy  feat.  p.chase  and Nonnie  Prod. by P. chase
7. livin’ the life   Big El feat. Drunk Mex and K.O. Prod. by rockitpro.com
8. Roses (Neph  Prod. by Scandal
9. Dance for it   Armani feat. king mingo  Prod. by Indecent the slapmaster
10. 3 strikes  pieson  Feat. Terry Blinks  Prod. by Terry Blinks
11. Cookie Jar  Shauny B Luner  Jackson Cesscabano  Prod. by Indecent the slapmaster
12. Ridin’ High (Sharita Renee  feat. G Koop  Prod. by G Koop
13. Rights (Breadleon  Prod. by bono
14. I’m so dope  John Sonatra feat. Montana Macks and dubb20  Prod. by Kryptonite
15. King (Phurrii Feat.  Brenda L:owe  Prod. by Phurri
16. lost in the world (KR Mack  feat. JOJO  
17. Pro Mag 30 (Arsenal  feat. Tay Butta  Prod. by Maki
18. Not The Same (Shauny B  Prod. by Hard Hitta
19. Sensitive (b. Nasty feat. Rocky from Bad Girls Club  Prod. by drugs and ice cream
20. Hater Appreciation (Royal  feat. Georgia p. davis  Prod. by John