U.D.I. - Drinks On Us Vinyl Record (German Import)

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U.D.I. - Drinks On Us Vinyl Record (German Import)

Double LP - Remastered Special Editon limited to 300 copies

Drinks On Us is the 2nd Album by the Frisco duo U.D.I. (Digg & Bigg Quint). Originally released in 1998, fresh and remastered on double wax. I'll Drink To That!

Importanted from Germany, Europe (this is why the price is so high)


Side A

  1. Mobb Wit' Me
  2. Push The Roof
  3. Drinks On Us (featuring Tambora)
  4. I'll Drink To That

Side B

  1. Baby By The Wrong Bitch (featuring TayDaTay of 11/5 & Raw Faw of Pho Balo)
  2. Where's My Drink?
  3. Business Neva Personal
  4. Biggest To Da Smallest (featuring Lil' Daddy & Lil' Rell)

Side C

  1. Golden State Soldiers
  2. Real Niggaz (featuring Pho Balo)
  3. Waiting To Inhale (featuring Mark C)
  4. Trunk Knocking Music (featuring Hennessy of 11/5)

Side D

  1. Keep Ya Head To The Sky (featuring Kwanza)
  2. Spend Wit' My Crew (featuring Cloud 9)
  3. U.D.I. Til' I Die
  4. Laidblack "Ghetto Dreams" (featuring Charles Baxter)