About Rapbay


Founded Rapbay.com was founded July 5th (In Memory of Mac Dre), 2003 on the epicenter of Northern California's Bay Area. Our Mission Our mission is to respectfully and professionally present quality underground rap music and related products to the world. Here at Rapbay we have a true passion for finding some of the best underground rap music around. We digest underground rap and spit it raw to the hardcore fans and aim to educate those individuals with limited access to such rap talent. Rapbay brings music (CDs, downloads, ringtones, cassette, vinyl) and related products (DVDs, books, magazines, posters, clothing, and various accessories) to every corner of the world. From Europe to Russia, to the deserts of the Middle East, we are bringing the best of underground rap to you! Furthermore, we conduct business with integrity by properly collecting royalties and paying artists, groups, labels, and companies fully and fairly for their works or creations.

Company Overview

Over the last seventeen years, Rapbay.com has become a leader in its specialization of rap music. Our expertise in Bay Area rap music has allowed Rapbay to grow and showcase rappers from other regions, including the West Coast, the Midwest, Down South, the North and the East Coast. Rapbay works directly with record labels, rappers, music owners, distributors, artists, groups and more. Rapbay.com is 100% independent, owned and operated by, dedicated rap music fans; namely its two hands-on owners/operators Ryan Viale Gertler and Kerry Huffman-Vann. Rapbay.com also operates alongside Urbanlife Music & Video Distribution; a wholesale one stop shop for anything Rapbay.com carries and more. Urbanlife, for over ten years, has been specializing in selling physical product to retail outlets around the United States and overseas. In 2006 Urbanlife started to distribute digital product as well, and today, they distribute over 350 different labels. Urbanlife has exclusive contracts with iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Sprint, Youtube, Myspace, Rhapsody, Verizon, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS and hundreds of other downloads stores throughout the world. Complete a Google search of these three words "Rap Digital Distribution" and it will result in Rapbay.com / Urbanlife as the first name to come up ahead of 2 million others. With more than 5000 titles available on Rapbay.com, we are clearly a market leader in underground independent rap music. Beyond being the go to destination online for buying legal independent rap music, urban clothing and other related products Rapbay (and its sister company Urbanlife Distribution), it is a community of dedicated musicians, record labels, owners, companies, promoters, artists, fans, consumers and others who enjoy good rap music and support the rap movement.

Our Goal

Rapbay.com's goal is to continue to provide an exhaustive one-of-a-kind selection of underground rap music and related products to consumers from around the world. Products Our huge, ever-changing inventory includes CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, digital downloads, magazines, books, ringtones, sunglasses, energy drinks, accessories, posters and more. RapBay.Com, Compact Discs, Tapes & Records - Retail, Oakland, CA


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