-For many years now has been shipping CDs, Tapes & Magazines to correctional facilities across the United States. We have been that connection between many inmates and the rap world. We take pride in our catalog and believe anyone should be able to order from

-Want to send a Rapbay CD and Magazine Catalog to an inmate? Email us at [email protected] with the inmates info.

The easiest way for inmates to order from is outlined below

1. Most correctional facilities require orders to be placed by the inmate. The inmate will authorize a check from his own account and send a check along with an order form in an envelope. His/Her facility will authorize the inmates order before the inmate mails the order form and check. After the facility authorizes the order then paper work will be in place for the inmate to receive his/her order.

2. Many times facilities will require to send a catalog to an inmate with all the order information before they can order. You can call at 1-866-4-rapbay to request a catalog be sent to an inmate or email [email protected]

3. is a good way to send inmates money using a credit card or debit card. This money will be put on the inmate’s account allowing them to buy from Just log on to and set up an account. You will need your inmates name, PFN number and other info. Its real easy. You can also send your inmate emails and pictures for a small fee using

4. Some facilities will allow people on the outside to order using a credit card or money order using the website. will then include an invoice along with the order and send it to the inmate. This way is not always guaranteed. Many times facilities will consider this contra band and the order will be refused or confiscated.

5. After receives the order we process it, enter it into the computer and ship the order along with a receipt to the inmate.

Any questions you can always email us at [email protected] or call us Monday – Friday 10am – 4 pm toll free 1-866-4-rapbay