Coup Deville - Paper Chase - CD

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Coup Deville - Paper Chase - CD


1. Paper Chase Intro.
2. Paper Chasing (Feat: Lil B Tha Grinda)
3. L.O.V.E (Feat: Mateo, Mista Playboy)
4. Moving To The Music (Feat: Player City)
5. Ball Till I Fall (Feat: Tone Mr.Blakctop)
6. Born In This Game (Feat: Jason, Flatline)
7. Dont Belong To You (Feat: Ralph Rotten, Mistah Mike)
8. Work It Out (Feat: Lyrik, Lil Saint)
9. So Sexy, So Fine (Feat: Flammy Hoffa, Chris B)
10. Ghetto Streets (Feat: Big Dave, R.O.T)
11.Dub's Up, West Coast (Feat: Mistah Mike, Yogy from Oakland)
12. Pain Inside (Feat: Lyrik, Lil Saint)
13. Dont It Look Good (Feat: Twisted Villains)