Darkroom Familia - Until There Is No Enemy - CD

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Darkroom Familia - Until There Is No Enemy - CD

This is the one all the fans have been demanding! The first Northern Cali Latin rappers, the notorious Darkroom Familia, is back with "Until There Is No Enemy," the first group album in nearly 5 years! The legendary Darkroom vets unleash ferocious rhymes and angry lyrics towards their enemies, corrupt cops, haters, rats, and fakes as they bring you true life street tales from the hoods of Northern Cali. Representing the Bay and the Valley to the fullest! Featuring Duke, Crooked, Oso, K.I.D., Young D, D-Roll, Emaculate, Lalo, Mz. Monique, J Pryse, Lil Bandit, Young C, Rascal, Yung Crayze, Jason Porter, Silent Machetez and more!

Track Listing:
1. U.N. Part 2 [Explicit] Duke, Oso, Emaculate, Crooked, Lalo, Young D, Mz. Monique, Silent Machetez, Young Sav 3:44
2. Ratas [Explicit] Duke, Crooked, D-Roll 4:08
3. Mobbin' N Mashin' [Explicit] Crooked, Duke, D-Roll 3:44
4. Northern Cali Banger [Explicit] Crooked, Duke, Oso, Emaculate, Young D 3:50
5. Don't Take Shit [Explicit] Duke, Young D, Crooked, Oso 5:47
6. Happiness Is A Warm Pistola [Explicit] Duke, Crooked, Young D, Crayze, Lalo 3:10
7. Dizough [Explicit] Crooked, Duke, D-Roll 3:36
8. Hittin' That Throttle [Explicit] Duke, Crooked, Oso, Jason Porter 3:10
9. Like Candy [Explicit] Duke, D-Roll, Crooked 3:42
10. Dirty [Explicit] Crooked, Duke, Young D, Emaculate 4:50
11. These Streets [Explicit] Duke, Crooked 2:41
12. Vet Status [Explicit] Crooked, Oso, Duke 3:17
13. Game Talk [Explicit] Duke, Crooked, Oso, Crayze 4:07
14. Real Gz Move In Silence [Explicit] Crooked, Duke, Emaculate, Young Sav 4:28
15. Strictly Pimp Shit [Explicit] Duke, Oso, Crooked 2:59