Dj Loot - Cali Fire Volumes 3 & 4 - CD

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Dj Loot - Cali Fire Volumes 3 & 4 - CD


Volume 3

1. BOUNCIN’ - Immunity ft. San Quinn (Produced by DJ Loot & Immunity)
2. GO GETTA - Seanessy ft. Bueno, Stevie Joe (Produced by DJ Loot & Seanessy) 3. THE BAY IS ON OUR BACK - Lexo, G-Man, Icemac (Produced by DJ Loot)
4. CAN’T TAKE NO MORE - Lyrical Vision ft. Chelsea Davis, Cito, Iceatone, Jay Dee, Toneloc (Produced by DJ Loot) 5. HUSTLE BUNNY - Triple Beam ft. Natasha Dee (Produced by DJ Loot & Chopah)
6. WE RUN THIS CITY - Tha Infamous Dolla$ign ft. Key Ringz (Produced by DJ Loot) 7. RISE ABOVE - San Quinn ft. Amey Lee Anne (Produced by DJ Loot)
8. WE GON’ COME - Alcatraz ft. D Hooks (Produced by DJ Loot)
9. CALI FIRE - D. Cannons (Produced by DJ Loot & D. Cannons) 10. EARTHQUAKE - Mackrd Slim, BrownSuga 916Foota, Mr. Ballatician (Produced by DJ Loot & Dynamic Coalition)
11. LYRICAL SEX - D Hooks ft. Seanessy (Produced by DJ Loot) 12. SWAGG - Majesty ft. Jamaican Carlos (Produced by DJ Loot & Majesty)
13. OLD SKOOL - Foothill Fam ft. Immunity (Produced by DJ Loot) 14. CALIFORNIA WOMEN - Grade A Diamond Gang, Seanessy (Produced by DJ Loot, Grade A Gems, Seanessy) 15. COASTIN’ THRU THE WEST - Good Ol’ Boyz ft. DJ Loot & San Quinn (Produced by DJ Loot & Good Ol‘ Boyz)
16. GOT MY HEADPHONES ON - Kazhun Chahailus (Produced by DJ Loot) 17. I’M BLESSED - Jamaican Carlos ft. Pamela (Produced by DJ Loot & Jamaican Carlos)
18. STILL EATIN’ - Hollow Tip ft. San Quinn (Produced by DJ Loot) 19. LET’S GO - Eddie Haze ft. D Hooks (Produced by DJ Loot & Eddie Haze)
20. NEVER SAY NEVER - Chelsea Davis ft. Stevie Franchise (Produced by DJ Loot)

Volume 4
1. CEMETERY VIBES - Lyrical Vision ft. Luni Coleone, Hystables, Devious (Produced by DJ Loot)
2. GAME TIGHT - Seanessy & G.Will ft. Young Dre D, T Nutty (Produced by DJ Loot & Seanessy) 3. FAMOUS OR INFAMOUS - Nina Loco, Mikey Stacks, Big Slim, Cris Kenyon (Produced by DJ Loot) 4. WESTCOASTIN’ - Buzzy, Kurt Kain, Mac Mike (Produced by DJ Loot & OneS Productions)
5. WE ON THE MONEY - Savvy P (Produced by DJ Loot) 6. MONEY OVER BULLSHIT - Woon ft. Outrage Fiasco, Six (Produced by DJ Loot)
7. BLOCK TO THE TOP - B.I.G. Malo ft. Kumandae, Rydah J. Klyde, Dubb 20 (Produced by DJ Loot) 8. NORTHERN WARRIOR - Don Changolini 4000 ft. DJ Loot (Produced by DJ Loot) 9. AIN’T BEEN THE SAME - Grade A Gems & J Red The King ft. San Quinn (Produced by DJ Loot)
10. EVERYBODY DIE - Cali Bear Gang ft. Brotha Lynch Hung, Tha Gatlin, Flossalini (Produced by DJ Loot) 11. PSYKHO’S MIND PT. 2 - Immunity ft. Lyrical Vision (Produced by DJ Loot & Immunity)
12. STAY ON THE MONEY - BJM ft. Redboi (Produced by DJ Loot) 13. YOU‘RE A BIG GIRL NOW - Ken From The Other End (Produced by DJ Loot)
14. RETURN - Foothill Fam ft. Akazie (Produced by DJ Loot & Foothill Fam) 15. MANPLEASER - Good Ol’ Boyz ft. Killa Kate, Jon Wayne (Produced by DJ Loot & Good Ol’ Boyz)
16.HOUSE PARTY - Majesty ft. San Quinn (Produced by DJ Loot & Majesty) 17. MAKE A MILL - Boss Hogg, Shigady, J Diggs (Produced by DJ Loot)
18. OUT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE - San Quinn ft. Daz Dillinger (Produced by DJ Loot & San Quinn) 19. BACK IT UP - Frank C ft. The Usual Suspects (Produced by DJ Loot)
20. SOUTHSIDE - Speedball of GrownAzzGangstaz (Produced by DJ Loot)