Dope Cut Productions - The Throwback CD Jacka, Ya Boy

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Manufacturer: Dope Cut Productions
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Dope Cut Productions Presents: The Throwback CD
2006 Dope Cut Productions

22 Tracks Featuring:
G-Heff, San Quinn, Rated-R, The Jacka, Turf Talk, Ya Boy, Louie Loc, Big Rich, Sloppy Sam, Koncept, Moeski, T-Loc The Sav, Elijah Henry, Suspect & Hyphen

1. Intro
2. In The Doors (G-Heff, Sloppy Sam & Koncept)
3. Big Guns (Sloppy Sam, Rated-R, Koncept & G-Heff)
4. Rock Steady (G-Heff, Rated-R & Turf Talk)
5. Like Me (Rated-R)
6. We Flip That (G-Heff, San Quinn & Rated-R)
7. Who Cares (G-Heff, Sloppy Sam & Koncept)
8. Bounce (The Jacka, Rated-R, Ya Boy & G-Heff)
9. New Newz (Koncept, Rated-R & Sloppy Sam)
10. Slap In Da Face (Sloppy Sam, Koncept, G-Heff & Rated-R)
11. Go Gorilla (Moeski, T-Loc The Sav, Big Rich & G-Heff)
12. The Throwback (G-Heff, Rated-R, Koncept & Sloppy Sam)
13. Interlude 1
14. Headshots (Rated-R, Mr. Ree, G-Heff & T-Loc The Sav)
15. Cheese (G-Heff)
16. Phone Call (Rated-R, G-Heff, Sloppy Sam & Koncept)
17. Keep Drinking (Sloppy Sam, G-Heff, Koncept & Elijah Henry)
18. Rock That (Koncept)
19. The Session (Louie Loc, G-Heff, Suspect, Hyphen & Rated-R)
20. Announce (Rated-R, G-Heff & Sloppy Sam)
21. I Don't Know Why (G-Heff, Koncept & Elijah Henry)