Gangsta Rap's Greatest Hits Vol 2 - LA County Raiders CD Various

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Gangsta Rap's Greatest Hits Vol 2: LA County Raiders
Compilation CD
2004 F.U.Payme Records

12 Tracks Featuring:
Crooked Stilo, X-Cite, Young Spanks, Lil Chip, Juan Diablo, Sick Ass Criminals, Brownhood, Cali Life Style, Joker, Lawgik, Dreamer, Payaso, Smiley & Mr Cease.

1. Spanish Gangsta Intro (C. Aguilar)
2. Y Si No Te Gusta (Feat. Crooked Stilo)(Espaniol)
3. X-Cite (Feat. X-Cite)
4. Porque (Feat. Young Spanks & Lil Chip)(Espaniol)
5. Santa Maria (Feat. Juan Diablo)(Espaniol)
6. Guess Whos Back (Feat. Sick Ass Criminals & Brown Hood)
7. Callese La Boca (Feat. Crooked Stilo)(Espaniol)
8. Down From The Get Go (Feat. Cali Life Style)
9. My Crazy Life (Feat. Joker)
10. Comin Up Is A Must (Feat. Lawgik)
11. Very Next Day (Feat. Cali Life Style)
12. Quebrando Las Leyes (Feat. Crooked Stilo, Lil Chip & Brown Hood)(Espaniol)
13. Sureno Gz (Feat. Dreamer, Payaso & Smiley)
14. Ayo Check Me Out (Feat. Mr Cease)