Ghostt - The Journey Of A Lost Soul CD

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Manufacturer: Ghostt, The
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The Ghostt - The Journey Of A Lost Soul CD
2005 What He Do Records

19 Tracks Featuring:
The Legion, Cuzzo George, Ashton & Noel

1. The Becoming
2. Ghostt
3. Rollin On
4. Come With Me (Feat. Ashton)
5. Saucy (Feat. The Legion)
6. This I Know (Feat. The Legion)
7. Gangsta Shit
8. Love Of Da Game (Feat. Cuzzo George)
9. Wanna Be Down
10. Legion (Feat. The Legion)
11. My Flow Tight
12. Journey (Feat. Ashton)
13. Roll With Me (Feat. Cuzzo George)
14. Over Again (Feat. Noel)
15. Its You
16. For The Gz
17. Breathe For The Day (Feat Ashton)
18. Parlay (Feat. Ashton)
19. Outro