Guce - Pill Music: The Rico Act Vol. 1 CD

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Manufacturer: Guce
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Guce Presents: Pill Music: The Rico Act Vol. 1 CD
2005 Git Paid Music Group

22 Tracks Featuring:
Messy Marv, Nate Dogg, Juvenile, Cougnut(RIP), Rappin' 4-Tay, Butch Cassidy of Tha Eastsidaz, Killa Tay, Mob Figaz, Bullys Wit Fullys, Sean-T, Luni Coleone, Road aka Rolex The Cappo of BNT, Fully Loaded, Tha Mobaloti, Suga Bear, Meezilini, Steady Mobbin', JT The Bigga Figga & Kapone Milleon

1. Intro
2. 50 Explanations (Guce, Messy Marv & The Shady-After-Fag)
3. Homies (Guce)
4. Hood Shit Skit
5. Da Bay (Guce & Viva)
6. Drama Skit
7. Game Don't (Guce, Messy Marv & Nate Dogg)
8. Been Waitin' (Guce)
9. Project Lover (Guce & Juvenile)
10. California (Guce, Viva, Kapone Milleon, Bailey & Big Rich of Fully Loaded)
11. Gangsta (Guce & T-Fats)
12. Pop Wit Me Skit
13. Pill Music: Live In Concert (Guce)
14. So Far (Guce)
15. We Roll (Guce & Butch Cassidy)
16. Portland 2 San Francisco (Guce & Meezilini)
17. Thug Hatin' (Guce, Rappin' 4-Tay, Bullys Wit Fullys & JT The Bigga Figga)
18. Cell Soldiers (Guce, Luni Coleone & I-Rocc)
19. Thugged Out (Guce, Ap.9, Rydah J Klyde, The Jacka & Sean-T)
20. Family (Guce, Suga Bear & Crook of Steady Mobbin')
21. RIP Love (Cougnut & Road aka Rolex The Cappo of BNT)
22. Outro