Lil Jazz - Gemini Files: East Side Story - CD

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Manufacturer: Lil Jazz
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2010 Cashflow420 Records

01. Slow Down
02. Give It Up ft. Q-Ball, Mac Lo
03. Hold Up
04. U Don't Wanna (Fuck Wit Nasty)
05. Thoroughbred ft. Birdman
06. I Used To Have Love For Her ft. Jevon
07. I'm Tha Shit
08. Game Check
09. Get Your Fetti On
10. You're My Lady ft. Tony Tone
11. What I Do For A Livin'
12. Club Joint ft. Mac Lo, Pizzo, Q-Ball
13. It Will Neva Happen ft. Jevon
14. Feel The Tension
15. Turf Deals ft. Cali Black
16. Lucky Charmz ft. Skip Dog
17. Rezidentz Ov Da Flatz (Fairfield, CA) ft. Pizzo, No Face Phantom, Young J, Hemi, Mac Lo, Cool V, Lil Dre, J-Dubb, Jum Dog
18. From Da 4 (What Chu No About A Savage