Little Bruce - The Truth Mix CD

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Manufacturer: Little Bruce
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Little Bruce - The Truth Mix CD
2006 Thizz Entertainment

21 Tracks Featuring:
Dubee, Woodstock, Crest Creepaz, Lil Italy, Fenam, J-Diggs, Sumthin' Terrible, Circ Mob, Savage Dragons, Bavgate, Chuck Beez, Pooh Sauce, Vital, Mac Mall, Bosshogg & P.I.D. aka Haji Springer

1. The Truth
2. Git Money (Feat. Dubee & Woodstock)
3. He's A Biter (Feat. Crest Creepaz)
4. 99 Thizzez
5. Thizz Wid It (Feat. Dubee & Lil' Italy)
6. 8 Bucks
7. Dolla Mack (Feat. J-Diggs)
8. Thizz Out (Feat. Sumthin' Terrible)
9. Hate It (Feat. Dubee)
10. Poppa Thizz And Go Dumb
11. Without You (Feat. Dubee, Fenam & Lil' Italy)
12. Let It Take Over
13. The Ville Hitterz (Feat. Dubee & Circ Mob)
14. Ghost Ride The Whip (Feat. Savage Dragons)
15. Thizz Gone Ride (Feat. Bavgate, Dubee, Chuck Beez, Pooh Sauce & Vital)
16. Thizz Stars (Feat. Dubee & Mac Mall)
17. You A Phony (Feat. Dubee)
18. Thizz Wid It, Pop Wid It (Feat. Dubee)
19. Booboo Coochie (Feat. Dubee, Bosshogg & P.I.D.)
20. Thizz Generals (Feat. Dubee)
21. Last Battle