Mr. Dynisty - Puttin' Paint Where It Ain't CD

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Manufacturer: Mr. Dynisty
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Mr. Dynisty - Puttin' Paint Where It Ain't CD
19 Tracks Featuring:
Dem Hoodstarz, Sleep Dank, P-Reek, Acktup, Uenvy, Lil SS, T-Mama, Dun Deal, A-1, Cheez, OOG-O-C, Tex, Heem, OSCYI, Shob Rob, Malia & Roy Ayers

1. Intro
2. Mind Creep (Feat. Malia)
3. Ma Carr (Feat. Acktup)
4. Ma Blokk (Feat. Dem Hoodstarz)
5. Fantasy (Feat. Uenvy)
6. Step In Tha Club
7. Thangs Dun Changed (Feat. Lil SS & T-Mama)
8. Pimp Mane
9. High On 26es (Feat. Dun Deal, A-1, Lil SS, Cheez, OOG-O-C, Tex, Heem, P-Reek, Sleep Dank, OSCYI & Shob Rob)
10. Intermission (Feat. Uenvy)
11. It's Like Uh! (Feat. Lil SS)
12. Momma
13. We Ball Under Pressure (Feat. Malia)
14. Show Em What U Got (Feat. Malia)
15. Lord Tell Me Why (Feat. Dun Deal)
16. Trauma Center (Feat. Malia)
17. Gon' Shine (Feat. Roy Ayers)
18. Rain Fire
19. Outro