Shaheed aka Mista Real - Kamillion CD Jacka

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Manufacturer: Shaheed aka Mista Real
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Shaheed aka Mista Real - Kamillion CD
2005 Pyramid Records

22 Tracks Featuring:
The Jacka, Snoop Dogg, Kapacity, Henry Fisher, Loretta Thomas, Shacmills, Enanimus, Major Zaine, DA, Sante Mack, Toya Gaines & Verbals

1. Intro
2. One Eighty Seven
3. Hustle Matic (Skit)
4. Hella Of A Day (Feat. Henry Fisher)
5. Keep It Real (Feat. Loretta Thomas)
6. Nigga What (Skit)
7. Nigga What (Feat. Shacmills & Enanimus)
8. #9 (Skit)
9. Thats Me
10. 187 (Skit)
11. In My Life Time
12. Concert (Skit)
13. Rock Wit Us (Feat. Jacka & Kapacity)
14. West Coast Comeback (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Major Zaine)
15. Ain't Gangsta
16. We Ride (Feat. D.A. & Sante Mack)
17. Day In The Bay (Feat. Toya Gaines)
18. Tourchure Chamber (Feat. Verbals)
19. Morning Time
20. Ride 4 Me
21. Do It
22. Type Tough (Remix)



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