Shoboat & Tha Homie Jai Mac Sharkin CD

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Shoboat & Tha Homie Jai Mac Sharkin CD

Featuring: Young Bossi, Ern Burn, Lil Joe (Thizz Nation), E Tha Turflord, Skrich Baby, CEO Boogie and K-Skrilla

1. Intro
2. Black & Blue
3. Skrilly feat. Lil Joe
4. Way Too Cold
5. That’s What ft. Skrich Baby
6. Be There
7. V8
8. Start Hustlin
9. Last Call
10. Heart Stop
11. On The Go
12. Block Money ft. Young Bossi & K-Skrilla
13. No Mistakes ft. E Tha Turflord
14. Sneaky Hoe ft. CEO Boogie
15. Get Used To It
16. Needed Someone ft. Ern Burn
17. Mac Sharkin (Extended Version)
18. Hittin Fo (Video Version