Tekpot - The Roach Motel CD Dos-XX, Scrilla Mac

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Manufacturer: Tekpot
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"Tekpot - The Roach Motel" CD
2004 Criminal Records

15 Tracks Featuring:
Drank-A-Lot, Dos-XX, Lasrow, Fada-J, Anita Fixx, Scrilla Mac, Traffic, Automatic, Cleetus Kasiddy, Komotose and The Criminal Family

1. The Front Desk
2. Bout To Get Drunk (Feat. Drank-A-Lot)
3. Got Game (Feat. Dos XX, Lasrow)
4. Rip That (Feat. Fada-J)
5. The Roach Motel
6. One With An Attitude (Feat. Cleetus Kasiddy)
7. Tipsy (Feat. Anita Fixx, Scrilla Mac And Lasrow)
8. Miami
9. Westbound (Feat. Traffic, Fada-J)
10. Middle Finger To The Sky
11. The Honeymoon Suite
12. Get Close To Me
13. Cross That Line (Feat. Automatic, Komotose)
14. What U Gon' Do (Feat. The Criminal Family)
15. The Industry