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This Iz Richmond Compilation CD
2004 Beats By The Bay/Hillco/S.H.W.C.D. Records

19 Tracks Featuring:
CIN, Mafiosos, Lil Ric, Laroo, Erase-E, Harm, Frontline, STN, Kontac, Filthy Phil, Magic Mike, Milano, Cali-G, Grisitory, Grin Factor, Kali Fam, Dap Daniel, Sharp Shoota Star, Blackswan, Mel Linium, J-Slimm, Brohydez, Taxfree & Bill Stack

1. Intro (Kontac)
2. Americas Most Wanted (Filthy Phil)
3. Fake Ass Bitch (The Yay Team)
4. Get It On (Milano)
5. Put It On Yo Mind (Cali-G)
6. Watching Me (Magic Mike & Harm)
7. Uh Huh (Erase-E)
8. Misery Of Man (Grisitory)
9. Get It Go (STN & Grinfactor)
10. Street Passion (Kalifam)
11. S.T.O.P. (Dap Daniel & Sharpshootastar)
12. Iz It Tha E (Blackswan & Mel Linium)
13. Make That Money (Kontac, J-Slimm & Laroo)
14. This Iz Home (Mafiosos)
15. Loco (Frontline)
16. Street Nig (Lil Ric)
17. Gangstalabel (B-Dub of CIN)
18. I Can Tell (Brohydez)
19. Outro (Kontac)
20. Westernioors (Taxfree & Bill Stack) (Bonus Track)