Turf Grindaz - Poundin' Tha Pavement - CD

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Product ID : 9549
Manufacturer: Turf Grindaz
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Turf Grindaz - Poundin' Tha Pavement - CD

2009 Deep Groove Entertainment & Relentless Productionz

01. Intro
02. City By Tha Sea Feat. Funkdaddy
03. Doin' Ah fool (Act Ah Ass)
04. Summertime In Tha Sea Feat. Overflo & Mario'so
05. Bring U Dat Feat. Produk Of The Reallionaires & M-Deuce Of Mobb Tyght
06. Turf Surfin'
07. Jones Soda Commercial #1
08. Git It Poppin' Feat. Mr. Rossi
09. Dummy For Tha Munny
10. Like What
11. Bounce N' Dip
12. Jones Soda Commercial #2
13. Like This
14. Super Phreak Feat. Yahlee & Blitz Krieg
15. Hustla Hatin' Feat. Yahlee
16. No Tell Motel Feat. Simmer DZ Of Mobb Tyght
17. Choosin' Shoez (Radio Remix)



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