Weeseed Records Presents: Untapped Talent Mix Vol 1 CD

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Wee Seed Records Presents: Untapped Talent Mix CD Vol. 1 - The Preseason
2005 Wee Seed Records

18 Tracks Featuring:
Deebo, Dividenz, Gypsyluv, Teflon Slugz, Larciny, Baby Rico, Young G, Big Cee, Keyon Cash, Mr Sinatra, Lil Rube, G-Man, Nicki Love, Matai, Chil Will, Money Mun, Sirewater, Dee-HWP, Louieville Slugga, Gung Ho, Rapit, A-1, Kavie, Play Gyrl Slim, DJ Ronski, Kaynine, Shill, Skitzofrantic, Big Bola, Mirakulus & Big Lugo

1. Voy Alcanzar El Cielo (Baby Rico)
2. Mob Ties (Dividenz)
3. Go Stupid (Keyon Cash aka Juss Me)
4. From Nothin To Somethin (Mr Sinatra, Nicki Love & Matai)
5. Break It Down (Kaynine & Shill)
6. Hustlematic (Lil Rube, Mirakulus, Nicki Love & Lugo)
7. Desperado (Big Cee, Rapit & DJ Ronski)
8. Its Rough (Chil Will, Money Mun & Sirewater)
9. The Preseason (Deebo)
10. Boss Shit (Young G)
11. When U Move (Gung Ho)
12. Dont Step To Us (Playgyrl Slim, Dee-HWP, G-Man & Ms Sheila)
13. When They See Me (Louieville Slugga)
14. If They Knew (Gypsyluv)
15. Hustlin N Fuckin With It (Larsiny & Sig HB)
16. Non-Stop (Skitzofrantic & Big Bola of Smoove Black Poetz)
17. Settin Rules (Teflon Slugz & Dividenz)
18. Profile Wit A Passion (Addictive & Young-G)