Young Steve - Startin Over CD

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Manufacturer: Young Steve
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Young Steve - Startin Over CD
2008 Young Steve

17 Tracks Featuring:
Bavgate, Pooh Sauce, Remy Red, X.S.F., Gorilla Pits, Al Beezy, Lil Coner, The Jacka, Haji Springer, Lil Evil, Bang Bang Gang, Sofia, Mic Mos, Yng Pcaso, Stunt, Meezy Montana, Mr. Woodro, Lil Dame, J-Dime, Yng Meech & K-Sav

1. Runnin' Da Game (Feat. Pooh Sauce & Bavgate)
2. Da Block (Feat. Remy Red & X.S.F.)
3. Fuck Wit Us (Feat. Gorilla Pits)
4. Goin' All Out (Feat. Al Beezy & Lil Coner)
5. Move It (Feat. Sofia)
6. Live Life (Feat. The Jacka & K-Loc of Gorilla Pits)
7. That Go (Feat. Mic Mos & Stunt)
8. Part Of The Life (Feat. Mic Mos & Yng Pcaso)
9. How I Feel (Feat. Meezy Montana & Haji Springer)
10. Bottom 2 The Top (Feat. K-Loc of Gorilla Pits)
11. Bay Shit (Feat. The Jacka & Mr. Woodro)
12. Treal In Da Field (Feat. Lil Dame & Mic Mos)
13. Stressed Out (Feat. J-Dime)
14. Hard To Move On (Feat. Sofia)
15. Stack Paypa (Feat. Mic Mos & Lil Evil)
16. Yo Bitch (Feat. Yng Meech & Bang Bang Gang)
17. P.S.B. & Fully Blown (Feat. K-Sav & Al Beezy)