Zek Presents: Da Commission CD

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Zek Presents: Da Commission CD
2006 Deleon Music Group

15 Tracks Featuring:
Ya Boy, PSD, The Govenor, Devo, Big Rich, Bailey, Double-E, Aobie aka Dirty Work, Gena, Kyjuan, Chingy, Dirdie Berg, Flowjack Fam, Gifted, Noname, 3ad, Mr. Meta4, Coniyac, Knocturnal, Slip Capone, Regal, The 3Story Fam, Mal Amazin & Ill Al The Gangsta

1. Grind (Double-E)
2. Dope Boy Fresh (Gena, Kyjuan & Chingy)
3. I'm Dirty (Aobie aka Dirty Work)
4. They Ain't Ready (Dirdie Berg & Flowjack Fam)
5. I Want It All (Gifted, Noname & 3ad)
6. Crush Groove (Zek & Mr. Meta4)
7. Ain't No Love (PSD)
8. Can't Get Enough (The Gov)
9. My Life (Coniyac)
10. Cross Da Globe (Knocturnal, Slip Capone & Aobie)
11. I Getz Doe (Zek & Regal)
12. Piggybank (Dirdie Berg)
13. Street Stories (Bailey, Big Rich, Mr. Meta4, Devo & The 3Story Fam)
14. Get Done (Ya Boy, Devo, Mal Amazin & The 3Story Fam)
15. Listen (Ill Al The Gangsta)