Jamaica Hip-Hop DVD/CD

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This documentary isn't just your typical tourist visit to Jamaica's beautiful beaches where you drink island cocktails to your heart's desire and eat jerk chicken all day type of movie. But of course, we did that. However, we uncovered an interesting generational divide between the young and the old. In many industries, the new comers challenge the veterans' ideas, values. Veterans of the of Jamaica's world renowned reggae industry believe that the tried and true basic formula works and should not be tampered with. Clearly, it seems no exceptions will be made for the the new wave of artists popping up on the reggae scene. Today, a percentage of young reggae artists are now using their musical gifts to create rap music, which they believe is a natural progression for them. Despite this progression, it seems to incite anger among the traditional reggae artists, radio personalities, and sound system deejays. This documentary takes an objective look on the situation, thus allowing both sides to freely voice their opinions about the rapidly evolving genre. 13 song soundtrack with songs by Ray Lavender / Sly Rankin/B-Hamp/DJ Spynfo Booz The Bizzle /Mikey Jarrett Executive producer * Keton Cole Directed by* V.S. Roberts Produced & co produced by* Keton Cole Edited By * Movie time studios Narrated By* Kimberley Pratt.