Keith "Chaos Loc" Brooks - Can't Stop Won't Stop Book

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Keith "Chaos Loc" Brooks - Can't Stop Won't Stop Book

Keith "Chaos Loc" Brooks is the true meaning of what it means to be a gangster.  He tells his story through his eyes without sugarcoating a single sentence.  His life didn't start out normal like most so adapting to the nature of the brutal streets was natural.  He has lived most of his life behind high security prison walls and the rest of the time in some of America's most deadly streets.  He has battled with some rival gangs and with traders but never stopped.  Court case after court case and he remains strong physically and mentally.  The system will never break him although most will fold.

As of now he is behind prison walls from acts of his violent past and added time for his conduct.  But although he is playing the cards he was dealt, Keith finds his ways to be free thourhg his music, reading, working out daily and writing.  Travel through the mind of a gangster and try to understand the life of one of the societies worst nightmares.