Block Life - Gorillaz & Birds CD

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Manufacturer: Block Life
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Block Life - Gorillaz & Birds CD
2008 Block Life Entertainment

Block Life Is: Cku Koo Bird & Westcrook

12 Tracks Featuring:
Rich The Factor, Bun B of UGK, Rush & Boy Big

1. One For The Money
2. 17. 5
3. U Can Do It 2
4. Without U
5. Beautiful Music
6. What's Gutta
7. Pitch It All (Feat. boy big)
8. Water Whippin'
9. Transporter (Feat. Bun B)
10. 20 To Life (Feat. Rush)
11. Bosses (Feat. Rich The Factor)
12. Reach For The Sky (Feat. Boy Big)

About Block Life Finally, Kansas City, Missouri has a hip-hop group willing to represent for the city and not just self. Block Life Entertainment Group, formed by solo artists Dandrae