Crest Creepaz - Thizz Nation Vol. 16 CD

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Manufacturer: Crest Creepaz
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Crest Creepaz - Thizz Nation Vol. 16 CD
2007 Thizz Entertainment

16 Tracks Featuring:
Dubee, J-Diggs, Johnny Ca$h, Pooh Salse of Black Mafia, S-Class, K-Loc of Gorilla Pits, Remy Red of Thizz Dragons, Yadda, Trill Real, Tic, Fatality of Star Studded, Geezy of The Fendi Boyz, Fatman, Thrax & D.A.D.

1. The Intro
2. A Party (Feat. S-Class)
3. Rippah (Feat. K-Loc, Remy Red & Yadda)
4. Move Yo' Body (Feat. Trill Real & Tic)
5. Ridin' Out
6. I'm Gone (Feat. Fatality & Geezy)
7. It's Crackin' (Feat. Fatman)
8. Flo Like Fluids
9. Pissin' Me Off (Feat. Johnny Cash)
10. Dookie Wit' It
11. No Games (Feat. Thrax, D.A.D. & Fatman)
12. Lookin' Down
13. Stackin' (Feat. Dubee)
14. Hatin' On A Thug (Feat. Pooh Salse & J-Diggs)
15. Redenity
16. Thin Line