Don Greco Presents: The Movement CD

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Don Greco Presents: The Movement CD
2007 Graperoom Entertainment

16 Tracks Featuring:
Don Greco, The Federation, C-Bo, Kurupt, Big Rich, Goldtoes, The Jacka, Bavgate, Indee, Kuzzo Fly, Benny Blanco of The Yay Boyz, Lil Raider, Kaz Kyzah of The Team, Sam Raw, Jimmy Roses, Big Nige, Undaflow, Jack Trades, S.A.V., Nasty Nate, Pooh Sauce, Berner, A-Bless & Devo

1. Get'cha Money Haters (Greco's Mama)
2. Game By The Throat (Undaflow, Goldie Gold & Stress)
3. It's All The Same (Jack Trades, Nasty Nate, Don Greco & Indee)
4. Northern Cali (C-Bo, Goldie Gold & Don Greco)
5. 2 Tha Top (Kaz Kyzah, Don Greco & Jimmy Roses)
6. Get Clapped Fast (Bavgate & Pooh Sauce)
7. Soak Game (Doonie Baby, The Jacka & Jimmy Roses)
8. Real Talk (Goldtoes)
9. Put It In My Pocket (Don Greco, Lil Raider, Goldtoes & Berner)
10. Here We Go Again (The Jacka, Goldie Gold & Benny Blanco)
11. I Know People (Doonie Baby, Big Nige & Don Greco)
12. Ass & Titties (Kurupt, Goldie Gold & Don Greco)
13. I'm So Dope: Hyphy Wit It (Kuzzo Fly & S.A.V.)
14. I'm A Monster (Samraw)
15. Comin' 4 U (A-Bless & Doonie Baby)
16. The Movement (Big Rich, Nasty Nate, Don Greco & Devo)