Don Toriano - Gone Pimpin' CD

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Don Toriano - Gone Pimpin' CD
2007 Frisco Street Show

Don Toriano aka Young Know aka Knowtorious of the group Fully Loaded

22 Tracks Featuring:
Mac Dre, Messy Marv, Willie Hen, Telly Mac, San Quinn, Bailey, Ya Boy, Killa Keise, Big Rich, Equipto, Haji Springer, Fully Loaded, Cellski, Devo, Rikki Gordon, G. Boogs, Berner & Marco The Menace

1. Intro
2. Thinkin' You Bold
3. Keep It Mob
4. Pay Me (Feat. Mac Dre, Willie Hen & Rikki Gordon)
5. Step Ya' Game Up (Feat. Telly Mac)
6. 2 Hard For The Radio (Feat. San Quinn & G. Boogs)
7. Give It To You Anyway (Feat. Bailey & Ya Boy)
8. Send A Hoe (Feat. Killa Keise)
9. Real Recognize Real
10. Rough Life (Feat. Big Rich, Bailey & San Quinn)
11. Bring The Noise: Freestyle
12. Young Girl Lost (Feat. Equipto, Haji Springer & Berner)
13. Be About It (Feat. Fully Loaded & Marco The Menace)
14. Holla At You
15. Bust That Shit (Feat. Cellski)
16. We Gotta Eat (Feat. Devo)
17. I Still Ball
18. Y.K. The Bad Seed
19. Raise Up (Feat. Marco The Menace)
20. Get Ya' Mind Right (Feat. Big Rich)
21. Gone Pimpin'
22. A.O.B. (Feat. Messy Marv)