Hyphy VS. Gangsta - Bay Area Co-Op CD Soundtrack

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Hyphy VS. Gangsta - Bay Area Co-Op: Soundtrack CD
2007 Timeless Entertainment

13 Tracks Featuring:
Mob Figaz, Keak Da Sneak, C-Bo, The Federation, Mistah F.A.B., The Team, Laroo Tha Hard Hitta, Luni Coleone, Marvaless, Magic Mike, Pizzo, 151, Lil Ric, Filthy Phil, G-Stack of The Delinquents, Missippi, Mya, TJ, Lil Cudi, D Fam, Sicc A Cell Click, Hitta Slim & Venom Lace

1. Get Mine (The Federation & The Mob Figaz)
2. Wigg Splittaz (Keak Da Sneak, Pizzo & 151)
3. Hop Out (The Team)
4. Doin' Wut U Doin' (Mistah F.A.B., Lil Ric & Laroo)
5. Work Flippa (The Jacka & TJ)
6. Who We Are (C-Bo & Laroo)
7. A.O.B. (Goldie Gold, Lil Ric & Filthy Phil)
8. Song Arranger (G-Stack & Laroo)
9. Dunn'em (Lil Cudi & D Fam)
10. I Don't Know (Luni Coleone, Sicc A Cell Click & Hitta Slim)
11. You Said (Venom Lace & Missippi)
12. Let's Dance (Clyde Carson & Mya)
13. Pound 4 Pound (Magic Mike & Marvaless)