Jay Tee & Baby Bash - Velvetism CD

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Manufacturer: Jay Tee
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Jay Tee & Baby Beesh aka Baby Bash - Velvetism CD
2002 40 Ounce Records

15 Tracks Featuring:
Don Cisco, Miami The Most, Frost, Young Dru, Russel Lee, Mr. Kee, Young Mugzi & Merciless

1. Intro
2. Two Cold Cappers
3. They Don't Even Know (Feat. Don Cisco)
4. Same Shit (Feat. Frost)
5. On One (Feat. Miami)
6. Vamanos (Feat. Merciless)
7. Hustler Fo' Sho' (Feat. Young Dru & Russell Lee)
8. What's Goin' On? (Feat. Frost)
9. Latin Ladies (Feat. Don Cisco)
10. She Was A Hustler (Feat. Mr. Kee)
11. What's Up With You? (Feat. Don Cisco)
12. Side Show (Feat. Frost & Young Mugzi)
13. Vamanos Remix (Feat. Merciless)
14. What's Goin' On? Remix (Feat. Frost)
15. Outro