Lee Majors - Scraper King CD Guerrilla Entertainment

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Manufacturer: Lee Majors
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Guerilla Entertainment Presents:

Lee Majors - Scraper King CD
2008 Guerilla Entertainment

28 Tracks Featuring:
The Jacka, Rahmean, Dru Down, The Yay Boyz: Blanco And Kincaid, The Reazon of Side Industry, Harm, Dru Down, Flawless, Lil Hyfe, Young Dru, A.C.L., Victoya Coleman & Clyde Carson

1. Intro
2. I'm In The Hood
3. Sittin' Nasty
4. Ya Boy Don't Go (Feat. Rahmean)
5. Live My Life
6. Bang It Out (Feat. Blanco & The Reazon)
7. I Don't Care
8. Takin' U There (Feat. Harm)
9. Money Over Here (Feat. The Yay Boyz)
10. Is That Ur Life
11. Town Nigga (Feat. Dru Down & Rahmean)
12. Keep Hustlin' (Feat. Harm)
13. Break It Down
14. Yea Alright OK
15. Stewie In My Buick (Feat. Flawless)
16. P.I.M.H. (Feat. Lil' Hyfe)
17. Rather Get Doe
18. Step It Up (Feat. The Reazon)
19. Scraper Kang
20. Call 'Em Dopefienz
21. See This
22. Bread Like, Head Like (Feat. Young Dru)
23. Rude One
24. Rocky (Feat. A.C.L.)
25. Bang Off Top
26. Pop (Feat. Blanco)
27. All Day (Feat. Victoya Coleman)
28. I'm 2 Cool (Feat. Clyde Carson & The Jacka)