Lil Evil & Chuck - Money Dreams CD

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Lil Evil & Chuck Present - Money Dreams CD
2006 Muddy RCS

20 Tracks Featuring:
Bavgate, Meech, Slim, Haji Springer, Selena Marie, TJ Maxx, Lil Coner, Slug, XSF, Jimmy Newtron, Remy Red, Anabel, Gorilla Pits, The Dragons, Stacy & The Crest Creepaz

1. Intro (Bavgate, Meech & Slim)
2. Scarface
3. N Da Taxi (Feat. Haji Springer)
4. I Need You (Feat. Selena Marie)
5. Money In Da Bag (Feat. TJ Maxx)
6. Git Money, I Hustle
7. United States
8. Who's Next? (Feat. Lil Coner)
9. Block Shit (Feat. Slug)
10. Money Dreams
11. I'm Buzzed (Feat. XSF, Jimmy Newtron & Remy Red)
12. Livin' My Dreams (Feat. Anabel)
13. We Do Dis (Feat. XSF)
14. Everyday (Feat. Selena Marie & Gorilla Pits)
15. All My Life (Feat. The Dragons)
16. This Is The Bay (Feat. XSF & Slug)
17. Baby I Don't Know (Feat. Selena Marie & Stacy)
18. Bitch We Hustle (Feat. Remy Red)
19. Life I Live (Feat. XSF & Slug)
20. Crest To The Stack (Feat. Crest Creepaz)