Mac Dre - The Musical Life Of, Strictly Business 1989-1991 - CD

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Mac Dre - The Musical Life Of. The Strictly Business Years 1989-1991 - CD

13 of the bestest songs produced by Khayree at the beginning of young Mac Dre's career. Here they are collected by Khayree himself including the classics "Too Hard For The F-ckin' Radio", "California Livin", "Young Black Brotha" and ten more bangers.


1. Dont Forget Em *
2. Livin A Mac's Life *
3. Young Black Brotha
4. Da Gift 2 Gab
5. Too Hard For The F-ckin Radio
6. On My Toes
7. California Livin
8. They Don't Understand
9. Much Luv For The Mac
10. Times R Gettin Crazy
11. It Dont Stop
12. Young Mac Dre
13. A Piece From Khayree

*New Unreleased Songs