Nothin' But Heat Vol.1 - The Cholly J Project CD Hosted By Kontac

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Nothin' But Heat Vol.1 - The Cholly-J Project Compilation CD
2004 S.H.W.C.D. Records / Beats By The Bay

Hosted By Kontac

20 Tracks Featuring:
Too Short, San Quinn, Messy Marv, Erase-E, Dub of G-Crew Playaz, Kane of Tha Unda, M-Dash of N.B.D., Charlie Baltimore, Littles, Sean-T, Mr Kee, Dap Daniel, Kontac, Balance, Big Noyd, Lil Ric, Laroo, J-Slimm, STN, Brohydez, Brimstone, PT, Papoose, Smooth-C, Mr Muke, Tax Free, Sonny Black, Just Mello, Suga Kane, Prohoezak, Brotha, Mistah F.A.B., Seam, Prince Kareem & Mike Phonix

1. Intro: My Niggaz Do The Job (Messy Marv, San Quinn & Kontac)
2. Heartbeat (S.T.N. & Brimstone)
3. Freestyle (Mr. Kee, Dap Daniel, Erase-E & P.T.)
4. Gangsta, Gangsta (Papoose & Sean-T)
5. Playaz Convention (Da Unda & Smooth C)
6. When We Ride Out (Lil Ric & Laroo)
7. Ghetto Starzz (Littles & Big Noyd)
8. My Type (Mr. Muke)
9. Everysingle Playa (Dub of G-Crew)
10. Talking Shit (Tax Free)
11. Street Affair (Brohydez, Erase-E & Sonny Black)
12. Game Will Never Die (Jus Mello & Too Short)
13. Grave 2 Nite (Suga Kane)
14. Livin' My Life (Erase-E)
15. Club House (J-Slim, Prohoezak & Kontac)
16. The Yea (M-Dash)
17. Makin' Love (Charlie Baltimore & Brotha)
18. Holla At Cha Boyy (Balance, Mistah F.A.B., Kontac, Seam, Erase-E, Prince Kareem & Mike Phonix)
19. Kontac Snippets
20. Outro (Kontac)

Features snippets from Kontac's upcoming release entitled: Mind Of A Playa, Heart Of A Soldier.