Romero of Clika One Presents: Ear Candy - CD

Price: $10.99
Product ID : 84261408842
Manufacturer: Romero
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2010 Mero Mero Records

01. Ear candy (Intro)
02. Candy girls around the world ft. torias lamar
03. That fuego
04. Mary jane ft torias lamar
05. Caramel Apple ft. Gangsta Kriks
06. The Finer Things ft. Torias Lamar
07. Strip Club ft. Simes Carter
08. On and on ft. castro
09. Spontanious
10. On dubbs ft. baby base
11. All for publicity ft. torias lamar
12. Supa freak ft. castro
13. Down low ft. big reece and e.c
14. That bubble ft. chin
16. Cuff ya chick ft. castro
17. Just a dream ft. 20 and g money
18. Storms will come ft. castro