Scavenger Click - Northern Skrillafornia CD

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Scavenger Click - Northern Skrillafornia CD
2005 Cornerstore Records

16 Tracks Featuring:
JT The Bigga Figga, Mac Mall, Lil Flip, Gaf Pak, X-Generation, Alexa & Ms Liz

1. Blood Brothers
2. Front 2 Tha Back: Where You At?
3. Flip Dat Weight (Feat. Lil Flip)
4. Northern Skrillafornia (Feat. Gaf Pak)
5. In Tha Bay Now (Feat. Mac Mall & JT The Bigga Figga)
6. Gangsta Shit (Feat. X-Generation)
7. Ohh Boy (Feat. Gaf Pak)
8. On The Grind
9. Nursury Rhymes
10. Good Bad & Ugly (Feat. X-Generation)
11. Fake Ass Friends (Feat. Alexa)
12. Prime Time (Feat. Gaf Pak)
13. Name That Place (Feat. Alexa)
14. Rock The World
15. Wants A Day (Feat. X-Generation & Ms. Liz)
16. Sticky Situations