Woodie Presents - Northern Expozure 1 CD

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Manufacturer: Woodie / ECCR
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Woodie Presents: Northern Expozure Vol. 1 Compilation CD
1999 East Co. Co. Records

14 Tracks Featuring:
Woodie, Shadow, Lil' Los, Young AZ, Lou-E-Lou, High YellaBlack, Creep, Young Mone aka The Golden Child, B-Dawg & Mac Maynee

1. Gats And Rivals (Woodie, Shadow & Lil' Los)
2. Mob Livin (Young A.Z. & HighYellaBlack)
3. The Way You Feel (Shadow, Lil' Los & Woodie)
4. Where I'm From (Lou-E-Lou)
5. Dirty Deeds (Shadow, Lil' Los & Woodie)
6. Skandocious (Lil' Los)
7. Til Da World End (Creep)
8. Summer Breeze (Young Mone, Lil' Los, Woodie & Shawna)
9. A Day In The Life (Young A.Z.)
10. Mind Games: Blackbird Speaks (Woodie w/ Spoken Words By: Carlos "Blackbird" Ramirez~R.I.P.)
11. How We Ride (Konu)
12. If I Wasn't (Lil' Los, Woodie & Shadow)
13. Time To Go To War (B-Dawg & Mac Maynee)
14. Norte Sidin' (Woodie)