Tee-Loke Da Psycho - Heat Mode CD

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Manufacturer: Tee-Loke Da Psycho
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Tee-Loke Da Psycho - Heat Mode CD
2007 P.S.Y.C.H.O. Entertainment

21 Tracks Featuring:
Turf Talk, D.B.'z, Young Bo, Uka Celeb of Hyrisk, Nicky Scratch, Young Hot, Prince Kaleo, Platinum, Young Mennace, MM.Cal & MC

1. Forever Going Hard
2. Fuck You (Feat. Nicky Scratch)
3. Guess Who's Bac (Feat. Turf Talk & Young Hot)
4. You Ain't Gotta Worry (Feat. Prince Kaleo)
5. It Go Da Work (Feat. Young Hot of D.B.'z)
6. Sac-N-Da Yay
7. Death Before Dishonor (Feat. The D.B.'z)
8. School Of HardKnox'z
9. Askin-4-It (Feat. Platinum)
10. Hey Buddy (Feat. Uka Celeb of Hyrisk)
11. Jesus Christ I'da Mean Gangsta
12. Leave Your Mark
13. I Can't Be Closed (Feat. Young Mennace & MM.Cal)
14. Tryna Savive The Ghetto
15. Ready Or Not (Feat. Young Bo)
16. Looking
17. Harass You (Feat. MC & Nicky Scratch)
18. Weed & D-Stack'z
19. Cake Mix
20. Heat Mode
21. Get It Slappin'