Thizz Or Die! Vol. 2 Compilation CD

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Manufacturer: Mac Dre
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Thizz Or Die Vol. 2 Compilation CD
2007 Thizz Entertainment

16 Tracks Featuring:
Little Bruce, Mistah F.A.B., Mob Figaz, PSD, Dubee, Crest Creepaz, Mac Mall, Gorilla Pits, Reek Daddy, Lameeze, Young Game, Remy Red, XSF, Ghetto Starz, Melo, Chop Da Hookman, Lil Tre, Kapanel, Zoe Da Roasta & Pacasso

1. D.U.I. (Little Bruce)
2. Do What Ya Gotta Do (Mistah F.A.B.)
3. West Coast (Lameeze & Young Game)
4. I'm A Fool (PSD, Remy Red & XSF)
5. Thug Wit Us (The Ghetto Starz)
6. How You Roll? (Lil Tre)
7. We Got It (Chop Da Hookman & Reek Daddy)
8. Cutthoat (Dubee, Crest Creepaz & Melo)
9. Sac On The Map (Lameeze & Kapanel)
10. Uncorrectable (Little Bruce)
11. Weed Naps (Mac Mall, Remy Red & XSF)
12. Samantha The Black Widow (Zoe Da Roasta)
13. Go Dummer (Crest Creepaz & Melo)
14. All Wit It (Gorilla Pits & Pacasso)
15. I Made It (Reek Daddy)
16. Life (Mob Figaz)