We Run It: Welcome To Kansas City - Compilation 2CD Pack

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Chauncey Clyde Presents:

We Run It: Welcome To Kansas City Compilation CD
2008 We Run It

2 CDs, 39 Tracks Featuring:
Filthy Fattz, Paul Mussan, Fatboy Chubb, Rich The Factor, Mist Long, Locust, 5th Lane, Tech N9ne, Mon E-G The Ghostwriter, Donta Slusha, Sparklin Mike, Cash Image, S.h.a.d.o.w., Macc James, Smiley XXL, O.V., Dr. Dilznik, Rekrute, Al Foxx, Rogue Dog Villians, Sean J, Snug Brim, Skatterman, BG Bulletwound, Sir Charles, Chauncey Clyde, Melena, RO, J.R., Mad Marlon, The Popper, Nelson L Mak, One The General, Blue Chip, Hobotone, StaKC, El Gotcha, Jeshawn Tha Fireman, Rik, Rarebreed, Lejo, Pepsi Brown, OL, Young Watts, Billy Bad Azz, Mac Da Mos, Pinicle, Spektacle, Heavyweights, AK, Vigalantee, D-Loc, Dalima, Jake Dawg, Toothpic, Forever Hustlin, Kwick Cash & Yung Street

Disc 1: Missouri
1. What I Rep (Filthy Fattz)
2. Diamonds (Paul Mussan)
3. Tha Badguy 2 (Fatboy Chubb & Rich The Factor)
4. Lane 2 Lane (Mist Long)
5. Check Out Da J's (Locust)
6. I Go Again (5th Lane & Tech N9ne)
7. When We Sing (Mon E-G Tha Ghostwriter)
8. Here We Go (Donta Slusha & Sparklin Mike)
9. In My Chevy (Cash Image)
10. Take Me Away (S.h.a.d.o.w.)
11. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Macc James)
12. Something For Ya (Smiley XXL, O.V., Dr. Dilznik & Rekrute)
13. That's Pimpin' (Al Foxx)
14. Big Bodies (Rogue Dog Villians)
15. Doin' My Thang (Sean J)
16. Hustler's Theme (Snug Brim, Skatterman, BG Bulletwound, Sir Charles & Chauncey Clyde)
17. Hard (Melena)
18. That's That Dude (RO, J.R. & Mad Marlon)
19. On The Road (The Popper)

Disc 2: Kansas
1. No Hook (Nelson L Mak & One The General)
2. Brakes Off The Track (Blue Chip)
3. See Us Coming (HoboTone & StaKC)
4. Let's Roll (El Gotcha & Jeshawn Tha Fireman)
5. Hip Hop (One The General)
6. Broke (Lejo & Pepsi Brown)
7. Hoody's (Chauncey Clyde)
8. Ridin' High (OL & Young Watts)
9. Don't Chirp Me (Billy Bad Azz & Mac Da Mos)
10. 5 Times Outta 10 (Pinicle)
11. One Night Stand (Spektacle)
12. Beat'n On My Kitchen Table (Mad Marlon)
13. Erry Day (Heavyweights)
14. Take Ya Mind (AK)
15. Animal (Vigalantee)
16. Fantasy (D-Loc, Dalima & Jake Dawg)
17. Wel All Gon' Eat (Toothpic)
18. Get High (Forever Hustlin)
19. Tycoon Status (Kwick Cash & Mad Marlon)
20. We Keep It Real (Yung Street)