Why B Da Paperboi & DJ Fresh - The Campaign CD

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Manufacturer: Why B Da Paperboi
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DJ Fresh Presents:

Why B Da Paperboi - The Campaign CD
2008 Tax Free Entertainment

21 Tracks Featuring:
Mistah F.A.B., Exso Da Great, Ray Million, Free Agents, E.Soul, Exodus, J.Phoenixx & Katt P

1. Paperboi Intro
2. Sittin' On Top (Feat. Exso Da Great & Ray Million)
3. The Celebration
4. Yellow Bus Land (Free Agents)
5. All Good
6. Dipppin' (Feat. Exso Da Great)
7. Who Am I
8. Hard In The City
9. Profilin' (Feat. E.Soul, Ray Million & Exso)
10. Ride Wit Me (Feat. Mistah F.A.B.)
11. What It's Gone Be
12. I'm A Boss (Feat. Exso Da Great)
13. We Go (Free Agents)
14. Pogo Stick
15. That Boi (Feat. Exodus)
16. Why U Lie (Feat. E.Soul & Exso Da Great)
17. My Whip (Feat. J.Phoenixx)
18. On Da Block
19. Bill Collectas (Feat. Katt P & Ray Million)
20. Foolin' Wit A Vet (Free Agents)
21. Fresh Outro