Woodie - Demonz N My Sleep Remastered CD

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Manufacturer: Woodie / ECCR
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Woodie - Demonz N My Sleep CD
2004 East Co. Co. Records Rerelease Completely Remastered With All New Artwork And 4 Additional Bonus Tracks

17 Tracks Featuring:
Lil Los, Lou-E-Lou, B-Dawg, Shadow, XO Creep, The Jacka & Megan

Original Tracks Completely Remastered:
1. N Tha Bay (Feat. Lil Los)
2. Demonz N My Sleep "Blackbird Speaks Again"
3. Pray 4 Me (Feat. Lou-E-Lou)
4. Northern California (Feat. B-Dawg & Lil Los)
5. Talez Of A Killa
6. Northside Gangbang (Feat. Lil Los)
7. Off Night
8. Loyalty (Feat. Lil Los)
9. Legit Slangz (Feat. B-Dawg & Lil Los)
10. Dreamin A Life (Feat. B-Dawg & Shadow)
11. Whatever Tho
12. This Is Northern Cali (Feat. Shadow)

New Tracks:
14. Holdin On (Feat. XO Creep, Shadow & Jacka)
15. The Young & Reckless (Feat. B-Dawg & Shadow)

Bonus Tracks:
16. Blackbird R.I.P. (Feat. Lil Los, Shadow & Lou-E-Lou)
17. Norte Sidin 2 (Feat. Megan)